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Dr. Malini Saba

Covid-19 has upended the lives of each one of us. But there are also some positive changes that have been brought in by this pandemic. As the entire world made a transition to work-from-home concept the pandemic has made a level playing field for each one of us irrespective of gender.  It’s especially true for single mothers who were grappling with innumerable challenges to work and be financially independent. Now, in this covid times, many hurdles in their career paths have been knocked off completely.

With this pandemic, now single women can easily work from home and make money and become financially independent. Yes, this pandemic has opened a window of opportunities for women. So, in turbulent times like this being a single mother you need not worry about finances and career and you can work from home and earn a handsome salary. mentioned below are some good job & career options that can be explored to earn money from the comfort of home in this pandemic.

1. Trading

While an oppressive ‘trading floor culture’ remains an obstacle for some women in office environments, the birth of forex applications and trading platforms during the smartphone period has resulted in a parallel ‘work from anywhere’ ethos for self-motivated traders, empowering women to do their thing away from any unwelcoming atmospheres that could have previously deterred them from participating. The stock markets are breaking records everyday and are reaching an all time high, thus trading is a lucrative and well paying option for the single mothers to earn good money while being at home with their kids.

2. Vlogging

With the digital world becoming a strong force with each passing day, another profession that women can look at is vlogging. Sitting in the comfort of your home you can make vlogs on a range of themes, from cooking to teaching, from fashion to travel. This can make you an influencer and also fetch you a good amount of money that will make you financially independent. So, this is the option worth exploring.

3. Interior Designing

With the interest rate going down, buying a home at a lower price has emerged as a good option for people. These newly bought homes will require interior design. So, this newly booming segment in this pandemic will enable you to take up this job from home and earn a good amount of money in this pandemic. If you are not equipped to do interior designing,  you can quickly learn this and get on to this job. 

4. Marketing

In this pandemic, digital marketing has gained a fresh impetus. Large or small — all companies are heavily involved in doing digital marketing across various platforms. And to fulfill this duty, they are hiring people who can perform this job brilliantly and earn money from home. So, those who like being on digital platforms and have an inclination towards communication and marketing can definitely try this opportunity. And this job for sure has a bright future and can get you good and handsome money. 

 5. Counsellor

With this pandemic, the world of counselling on various fronts is on an upward spiral. Be it health related matters, or career related ones, everyone is seeking advice from home to make a best decision possible. So, if you are equipped to counsel people in various aspects of life then go ahead this is one of the best opportunities for you. From mental, physical, dietary, education, career, and marital sphere becoming the hot themes for counselling. So, in the midst of this pandemic you can try this and make a career in this.

These are some key areas where women, especially sngle mothers, can make a career and become financially independent. 

 The writer is Founder & Chairman, Saba Group and Anannke Foundation   

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